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Akhal Teke France and Akhal Teke Horse association asbl., with the support of many other European associations, join their forces to organise this year's European championship of Akhal-Teke horses. Right from the early start, the event was conceived as a collaborative project with the aim of showing as many horses as possible in professional conditions.

It is the very first time ever in Europe that the horses are not only being judged in-hand, but also at liberty, in order to show their movements to the full extent, without their potential being restricted by a handler.

The championship is open to all registered purebred Akhal Teke horses, but also to partbreds with at least 50% Teke blood. In the different breeding classes, the horses will be evaluated upon type, conformation, correctness of legs and quality of movement.

The riding classes (dressage and jumping) are designed to evaluate the potential of the horse as a riding horse. The focus is on the regularity of the gaits, obedience, light-footedness, impulse, balance, activity of the hind legs, the willingness to work and the overall impression.

The jury

The jury for the breeding classes is composed of​

Ph.D. Nadejda Abramova N.V.

Main Registrar of General Akhal-Teke Studbook
Head of Akhal-Teke Department in All-Russian Institute of Horse Breeding

        Kamal Mirhodjaev

        President of the Akhal Teke association of Uzbekistan

        Director of Argamak Sher studfarm


Pierre Fontaine

Institut français du cheval et de l'équitation (IFCE)


The jury for the riding classes is composed of


Katharina Jakob

International dressage and show jumping trainer

Pierre Fontaine

Institut français du cheval et de l'équitation (IFCE)

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